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Treatment takes place in a relaxed environment, on a one to one basis; with each session lasting on average approximately 30 to 60 minutes though depending on the nature of the problem can last considerably longer.

A Client record is taken, including medical history.

Treatment is non-invasive, with a minimum of physical contact.

Clients remain fully clothed except for their shoes, loose comfortable clothing is recommended.

A balanced, healthy lifestyle is encouraged and only a little food if any prior to the treatment.

During treatment a person may experience many sensations, for instance, heat, cold, tingling or a pulling sensation. Following their sessions many people begin to recover fairly quickly some almost immediately and have no further symptoms. Due to the deep energy balancing and release of negative energy which takes place, some Clients experience temporary intensification of symptoms, before they begin to clear. This is a good sign, as it shows a beginning of a healing crisis in their lives, however unpleasant that might be!

Other Clients clear immediately with no further symptoms. Some may experience little during their sessions but recover fully a few weeks later. A small percentage may not react to the treatment. They might not be open enough for the healing and changes in their lives that it can bring about. Also fear and negative programming within the person can be a block to progress.  For this reason, I only take a booking from the Client themselves, to ensure they are open and willing to experience the healing/therapy.

What does it treat?

All ailments are treatable. An ailment is the symptom of the problem, not the problem. The energy imbalance/blockage is the source of the problem! The shaman clears the blockage and the body is free to heal itself.

It is a complimentary therapy; it also can speed up healing after operations or procedures in hospitals etc.

The same techniques will also heal physical injuries to the body.


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