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Eamon Brooks Spiritual HealerEamon is a hereditary spiritual healer and shaman who has been healing and helping people for many years in Europe the U.S. and the Middle East. Eamon conducts healing sessions in Ireland and Cyprus. He works generally with individual clients on a one-to-one basis. Such appointments can generally  be facilitated in Ireland and Cyprus, or in special circumstances he can travel to a more convenient place for his client. He is also well known for his distance healing abilities.

Eamon also works with small groups of people helping to develop their healing potential. From the time Eamon receives a request for healing, the healing starts, whether the request is made in person, via email, or by phone.

You may request healing for yourself, your family or your friends. Eamon works individually with each separate request.

In true shamanistic tradition his healing work covers humans, animals and places of all types.

Spiritual Healing

The most common form of spiritual healing is the ‘laying on of hands’, Eamon was brought up with this and other forms of spiritual healing since childhood.

He received his gift from his mother and her mother before her. For many generations there has been a healer in the family and now Eamon continues that tradition.

Spiritual healing is used daily for the relief of many ailments and illnesses.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is probably the oldest form of healing practised by mankind. Though it faded out in many parts of the modern industrialised world it has remained in various forms in rural and non industrialised countries.

Eamon has over 3 decades of experience in Shamanic healing and it is the core of his healing work. Eamon works with both traditional and core Shamanic practises.

Absent Healing

Absent Healing or Remote Healing as it is also called is a method of healing that does not require the patient to be present for the healing.

The healer uses a picture or personal item belonging to the patient as a psychic link.

Eamon has many years experience in distant healing and has treated people around the world..

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