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Spiritual Healing

The most common form of spiritual healing is the ‘laying on of hands’, Eamon was brought up with this and other forms of spiritual healing since childhood.

He received his gift from his mother and her mother before her. For many generations there has been a healer in the family and now Eamon continues that tradition. The laying on of hands is probably the gentlest form of healing and is suitable for any age and any condition. The healer uses his abilities to channel the divine healing energy into the patient thus letting the patient heal naturally.

Spiritual healing is used daily for the relief of many ailments and illnesses and is used to supplement modern medicine and speed up the healing process.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is probably the oldest form of healing practised by mankind. Though it faded out in many parts of the modern industrialised world it has remained in various forms in rural and non industrialised countries. As man has become more science oriented and moved into big urban areas he has lost his connection to nature and the earth spirit from which he evolved. It is this spirit and the power of nature that the shaman uses when healing.

The shaman sees the world as a holistic entity and everything in it is both connected to it and part of it. Everything is physically created from the same energy source, whether animal, vegetable or mineral it is the same energy manifesting in different ways. It is this understanding of energies and his ability to manipulate it that gives the shaman his power.

We are made up of a complex matrix of energies that we perceive as our physical bodies. When we get a blockage in our energy system or it becomes corrupted this will manifest as ill health physical, emotional or mental.

Our body have very powerful self healing abilities and can overcome most ailments, but if the energy imbalance remains then the bodies healing ability is constrained. If we cut our hand with a sharp object take away the sharp object and the body will heal the wound itself. All we have to do is make sure the wound is kept clean. If we left the sharp object in the wound it would be difficult to heal properly. If we leave the unbalanced energy within the body equally the body will never heal properly, so the job of the shaman is to clean or remove the unbalanced energies from the body.

So how do these imbalances occur? To the shaman there are two possibilities for illness either internal or external.

Internal sources appear when the individual has had deep trauma or emotional upheaval in their life, also high levels of stress can cause the energies within us to become imbalanced or corrupted. When we find ourselves in one of these situations we contain a lot of raw emotion which we need to get out of us. Unfortunately the pressures of the modern world don’t give us time to do this, so we bottle up all the hurt within us and keep going. After a while and maybe a few more emotional episodes in our lives we have pockets of strongly negative energies within us. Given time these will unbalance us and start to manifest as physical, emotional or mental ailments.

It should be remembered that the reverse is also true; if the body suffers a physical injury it will cause the inner energies within the body to become unbalanced too. So shamanic healing is equally valid for purely physical injuries too and the treatment remains the same.

External sources are exactly what they say, energies that enter the body from without. Remember to a shaman everything that exists is just a manifestation of energy. When a disease (diss-ease) enters the body its energies will work against the body’s energies to achieve its aim, usually by corrupting or changing the nature of the body’s energies. This causes the physical symptoms of the disease to appear.

A shaman will scan a client's energies using their hands or power objects, to locate any blockages. Then the shaman then works to clear these blockages and remove negative energies out of the body, thereby allowing the energy to flow freely. Once the energy is flowing freely, the body can begin the healing process.


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