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Eamon offers various consultations from his base in Carrick on Shannon, Ireland or Paphos, Cyprus. If you would like to know more about any of the consultations please feel free to contact Eamon by phone on +353 086 360 725, +357 96 849 213  or email eamon@eamonbrooks.eu.

Shamanic (Spiritual) Healing.

Spiritual healing uses natural Holistic energies to help heal physical and emotional ailments; Eamon has used it to help people deal with a diverse range of illnesses ranging from Angina, stomach complaints and stress to Ovarian Cysts and Kidney stones. Consultations last normally around 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the problem.

Shamanic Therapy

Eamon specialises in what has become known as shamanic therapy. It is a method of removing emotional hang ups and blocks from a person who is finding it hard to make progress in life. By removing the blocks it opens up a person’s life to a whole new potential.

The techniques that he employs date back many thousands of years to their origins and have seen little change over that period. Many people are now beginning to rediscover the power of Shamanic Healing, Therapy and Soul Retrieval. Practises which had been forgotten by all but a small number are now becoming popular once more as people look to more direct methods of help and return to the same sources as did their ancestors many, many generations ago.

The shaman’s power comes from his understanding of natural energy flows and his ability to utilise them at will, along with many more natural aids such as plants, herbs and power objects.


Physical Healing: A holistic approach to healing the physical body by utilising natural energy and spiritual power. By Donation

Shamanic Therapy: A way of removing blocks to our emotional and spiritual evolution. A personal choice to open up our potential and help overcome our limitations. €50

Soul Retrieval: Many cultures believe that as we go through life at moments of great trauma and stress we lose pieces of our soul that become detached and lost. Soul retrieval is the process of finding and retrieving the lost parts and reintegrating them with the person thus putting completeness back in their lives. For those who feel they have lost something on their journey through life and feel the need to revitalise their purpose in life. €50

Holistic Healing should not be seen as an alternative to modern medicine but as something that compliments it. No one system has all the answers but in situations where one fails to get results the other may be effective.


UK 07986 064 917 ~ CY 96 849 213 ~ eamon@eamonbrooks.eu

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