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Absent Healing or Remote Healing as it is also called is a method of healing that does not require the patient to be present for the healing. If the patient is a long way off from the healer even in another country healing can still be carried out.

Eamon uses a picture or personal item belonging to the patient as a psychic link, then uses that link to connect the healing energy to the patient. The patient need not even be aware that he is undergoing healing, this is certainly the case where animals are being treated.

Eamon has many years experience in distant healing and has treated people around the world for many health issues using shamanic and holistic techniques.

As with physical healing there is no fixed fee, as healing should be available to all and only a donation of what the person can afford depending on their means is required.

You can use the Donate Button below to send a donation using PayPal.

Absent Healing

Please be sure to include details of your illness or symptoms and send a recent photo preferably just of the client (not a group photo if possible) by email.

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